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 15 string Celtic all in mahagony with extensive Celtic-style woodburning and wire strings; a true gem -- $900 See the pictures:



Wildwood Harp "Swordsinger"


We are not accepting new orders at this time, but feel free to contact us for consultations.

Shannon has been designing and building harps for over 20 years, Jim for over 15, and we find them a ongoing source of fascination.

We specialize in making folk and Celtic style one-of-a-kind harps with wire or nylon strings. The smallest we build is a 12-string ancient Celtic style harp that comes with a shoulder strap and fits in a backpack--we're told it's great for keeping a player's fingers limber when traveling with a larger harp isn't possible. In addition, we offer two standard nylon models, the 24-string Wildwood and the Briar (not pictured). While we make only a limited number of harps per year, there may be some instruments already in stock--call or email for availability.

12 string custom harp

Custom 12 String

Celtic Harp

Celtic Style Harp


We use a variety of woods, including maple, mahogany, cherry and walnut. Soundboards are typically made from hardwoods for wire harps and with quarter-sawn solid spruce, birch or spruce laminate for nylon harps.

Levers available include most brands, and can be installed on nylon harps for an extra charge. Wire strung harps need to be designed before building to be able to include levers.

Cases may be available, with a discount for orders made at the time of a harp purchase. We can also supply custom cases for other harp brands, priced according to harp size.

All our harps are handcrafted and most are available with decoration: Celtic knotwork, flowers, animals, etc. We offer painting, carving, woodburning, inset stones, aniline dyes, inlay banding, and more. Price is contingent on type and extent of design.

For local harp players (in Oregon's Willamette valley and Central Coast), we will assemble harp kits for you. That way, you can have the kit harp you want and more: customized, professionally assembled and with local service...

In addition to personal checks, we can accept payments by credit card via PayPal.

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Please e-mail (scc@efn.org) for an appointment.

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